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SE L E C T E D    L I S T    OF    R E S E N T     W O R K S   &   P R E M I E R S




1.        Concerto-grosso for orchestra (2 pianos, 4 vlns, 2 violas, 2 cellos, 1c-bass); 2002; 16 min.; prem. July 8,2005; Yerevan; cond. A Talalyan


2.    SINFONIA no. 2  UN    POCO CONCERTANTE, commisioned by BMOP; to be premiered on May 23, 2008 Jordan Hall, Boston;   Boston Modern Symphony Orchestra, cond. Gil Rose.




    1.    Concerto "Surgite Gloriae" for solo Viola, duduk, baritone, discantus, corno F, campana and string orchestra; dedicated to Yuri Bashmet;  premiered by Yuri Bashmet and "Moscow Soloists" on September 19, 2007 in Moscow Conservatory Great Hall ; September 4 2007 Elba Isola Musicale (Italy).


    2.     Eleven Arrangements and Transcriptions of the Folk Tunes by  Komitas for duduk, (dhol-drum) & string orchestra; 2006; 30 min. premiered in Theatre du Chatelet Paris on April 19, 2007


        3.     Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra (chamber and symphony orchestra versions),  dedicated to Suren Bagratuni, 2004; 22’min. Commissoned by Michigan University; premiered on November 19, 2005; Michigan, USA


4.       Concerto for Tenor Saxophone and Full Symphony Orchestra.  dedicated to James Houlik; 2003; 18‘ min. prem. on March 19, 2005, Mansfield symphony, (OH)


5.       The Morning Scent of the Acacia's Song  (orchestral version) for duduk, voce/soprano/ & string orchestra. 2003; ~17 min. (publisher G. Schirmer) prem. September 2004, Silk Road Ensemble; Carnegie Zankel Hall

6.       Concerto-sonata for alto saxophone, piano and string orchestra./2000/;16 min. Dedicated to J.Sampen, prem. in 2005, Oregon, USA

7.        Concertoserenata for violin and string orchestra /1998/; 18,15min. prem in 1999, Movses Pogossian (vln), Serenade orchestra, E.Topchyan(cond), USA premiere in 2000 with Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, cond. Robin Fountain




           1 . QUINTETTO QUASI CONCERTO  for piano, violin1, violin2, viola & cello; 2006; 20 min.; premiered on September 15, 2007 at Zipper hall, in LA, USA


           2. Offertorium for solo clarinet, flute, trumpet, percussion, piano, violin, cello & c-bass; premiered on May 10, 2006 in Budapest; "Hommage a Bartok" Concert series


2.     Canticum Gratiosum (1. Lux Matutina) for baritone, flute, clarinet (Bb), trumpet (Bb), percussion (1), piano, violin,

cello, c-bass; 2005; 12’30 min; commissioned by MATA Festival; prem.  1, Oct. 2005 in St. Peters’ church in New York; MATA Micro Orchestra; cond. M. Ross


3.        Offertorium for clarinet Bb & piano, 2005;  9’ min;

3.        Adumbrations of the Peacock for violn, viola, cello & piano; 2003; ~14 min. written for the “AHCM Players”. prem. Sep. 30, 2005; Washington, USA

5.        Serenade With a Dandelion for two violins; 10’ min. (ded. to V. Manouelian & M. Pogossian), prem.Sep. 25, 2005, Zipper Hall, Los Angeles.

6.        On Wings of the Hymnal #1, #2 for cello & piano, 2005; 17 min.; prem. April 3,2005; Boston, S. Bagratuni (cello), S. Prutsman (piano)

7.        Blooming sounds for solo violin, 2004; 9’min. (commissioned my AGBU; dedicated to M. Pogossian) recorded in 2004.

8.     Voices of the invisible blue butterflies for piano, 2004; 7’ min. prem. May 7, 2005; Boston, USA


9.        Piano Trio N2 The Dream of Dreams (violin, cello and piano) 2003. 17 min.; com. by the Baird trio; prem. April 9, 2004,Carnegie Hall; NY.

10.        Ascending Kemancha for doudook/zurna/,V-cello,Piano. 2002; 14 min. Dedicated to Yo-Yo Ma. Prem. 2002 Yerevan, US prem. 2004, Dortmouth collage, Hungary premiere in 2005 with cellist Csaba Onczay.


11.     Ancient Anthem for soprano and violin 2002;  7'min. prem. in 2003, Tony Arnold, Movses Pogossian, Buffalo (NY)

12.     The Morning Scent of the Acacia's Song for duduk and string quartet, commissioned for Yo-Yo Ma's the Silk Road Project Inc. /2001/ 16min. Publisher - G. Schirmer; prem. in 2002, Cologne Philharmonics (Germany).


13.     The Four Seasons for twelve musicians/4 soloists/ and reader  /2001/./commissioned by PNME. (flute, alto saxophone, percussion/3/, piano, soprano, violin 1, 2, viola, violoncello, c-basso, narrator) 35' min;  prem. 03 Aug 2002 , PNME, cond. Kevin Noe, Pittsburgh, USA


14.     Trio N1 for violin, violoncello and piano. /2000/ com. by Pittsburgh Trio; 15,10 min. prem. 2000; Pittsburgh, USA

15.     Sonata for alto saxophone and piano /2000/. commissioned by John Sampen; 15,30 min; prem. 2004 ,Toledo Great Museum, USA

16.     Two Devotions for tar, kyamancha, dhol, tam-tam, piano and string quartet./1999/ ; 25min.

17.     The Eclipse for alto saxophone , violin and piano. /1999/; 14,10min. Prem. in 1999; Bowling Green (OH)

18.     The sun ,the Wine and the Wind of Time for duduk, violin, violoncello and piano /1998/; 16,5min. Prem in April, 1999 in “Two Days, Two Nights” Festival in Odessa; US prem. May, 09, 2002; Yo-Yo Ma & SRP Ensemble; Carnegie Hall.


19.     Sonata No2 for violin and piano /1998/; 12 min. Prem. in 1998; Bowling Green New Music and Art Festival; M.Pogossian, V. Sharafyan

20.     Heralding Dawn Music for 15 instruments /1990/; 11min. Prem. 1998, Yerevan, cond. A Asatryan.


1 "Canticum Dolorosum" & Canticum Pacificum" for soprano, mix choir & orchestra (trumpet, bass drum, piano and strings); 23min. (from the cycle CANTICUM ARMENUM, which consist of the following five movements: 1. Canticum Gratiosum, 2. Offertorium, 3. Canticum Gloriosum or Viola concerto "Surgite Gloriae", 4. Canticum Dolorosum and 5. Canticum Pacificum.)



1.        Tsov Kentsaghuis (“the sea of daily life”) by sharakan of St.Mesrop Mashtots (Vth Century)

        for counter-tenor, tenor, baritone, bass (or mixed choir) and 3 duduks / 2003/ ~5min.

                             (Recorded by “HOVER” choire and Dabaghyan duduk trio)


2.        Ter vor i mej lerinn for mix choir a capella  by sharakan of St. M. Mashtots (Vth Century)  /1996/ 5,15min.

                       (Recorded by “HOVER” choire, cond. S. Hovhannissyan)

Vache Sharafyan collaborated with many outstanding artists such as:

 Cellists: Yo-Yo Ma, Suren Bagratuni, Onczay Csaba, Ling-Yi Ou Yang, Aram Talalyan, Levon Arakelyan, Jennifer Minnich, Eric Jacobsen, Jeroen den Herder, Taneli, Sergei Scholts, Jacub Omsky, Mary Wooten, Rupert Thompson, Karen Kocharyan, Sergey Kossemyan (Sergio Kossman), Victor Uzur, Vadim Larchikov, Olga Veselina, Boris Andrianov, Armen Ksajikian, Bryan West, Rebecca Knight, Alison Spieth, Jeniffer Minnich


Violinists: Movses Pogossian, Varty Manuelian, Colin Jacobsen, Jagdish Mistry, Shirly Laub, Astkhik Vartanyan, Bagrat Vartanyan, Jennifer Carsillo,Hiroko Taguchi, Boris Brovtsyn, Karen Shahgaldyan, Armen 

Derkevorkian, Henrik Karapetyan, Paula Muldoon,


 Violists: Yuri Bashmet, Nicolas Cords, Daniel Heim, Maxim Novikov, Nils Moenkemeyer, Alexandra Roedder


Pianists: Marine Hayrapetyan, Stephan Prutsmann, Joel Fan, George Vachtnadze, Marilyn Shrude, Artur Avenessov, Ara Sarkissian, Jason Handink, Eric Shtumacher, Ksenia Bashmet, Robert Merfeld


Singers (choirs): Tony Arnold, Gayane Grigoryan, Theo Bleckmann, Tracy Rhodus, Vassily Gafarov, Evgeny Andrienko, Artsvik Demurchyan, Lynn Gordon, Elisabeth Kosch, Hover choir, Speghani choir, Sanctus vocal quintet.


Flutists: Alicia Didonato, Andrew Sterman, Armen Ghukassyan


Clarinetists: Michael Norsworthy, Andres Horn, Todd Brunel,


Saxophonists: James Hoilik (with tenor sax concerto), John Sampen (alt sax sonata), Korjun Asatryan, Alliage saxophone quartet Daniel Gauthier, Raphael Camenisch, Koryun Asatryan, Sebastian Pottmeier



Ensembles: Baird Trio (M. Pogossian, J.Golove, St. Manes); Pittsburgh Trio; Apple Hill Chamber Music Players (Elise Kuder, Mike Kelley, Rupert Thompson, Eric Stumacher); Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble; Komitas String Quartet (E. Tadevossyan, S. Akhnazaryan, A. Kossemyan, A. Talalyan), Silk Road Ensemble (Yo-Yo Ma, Gevorg Dabaghyan, Colin Jacobsen, Nicolas Cords, Joel Fan, Shirly Laub, Jagdish Mistry, Tanneli, Senniu, Daniel Heim), Uli Klan trio, Arsika trio, Linos string quartet.


Conductors: Gil Rose, Robin Fountain, Roman Balashov, Kevin Noe, Robert Franz, Eduard Topchjan, Emin Khachaturian, Zaven Vardanyan, Ruben Asatryan, Aram Talalyan, Mick Ross, Uwe Berkemer, Serei Zsolt,


Orchestras: Moscow Soloists, Boston Modern Orchestra Project (BMOP), Mansfield Symphony Orchestra, Serenade Chamber Orchestra, National Chamber Orchestra of Armenia, Trans Caucasian Camber Orchestra, MATA Micro Orchestra; Armenian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra (APO),


Dudukist: Gevorg Dabaghyan, Jivan Gasparyan


Tarist: Hovhannes Darbinyan


Kyamanchist: Hakob Khalatyan


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