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some links to compositions on youtube

  1.  Cello Concerto #2 /Suren Bagratuni cello, Festival orchestra cond. Leon Gregorian/


  2. Divertissement for the string quintet /M. Pogossian, V. Manuelian, G. Sutre, A. Ksajikian, M. Valerio


  3. "The Sun, wine & wind of time" for duduk, violin, cello, piano /Gevorg Dabaghyan, Colin Jacobsen, Yo-Yo Ma, Joel Fan. Cologne Philharmonic hall rehearsal, excerpt/


  4. Lacrymosa for solo cello, discantus, soprano, mix choir and symphony orchestra


  5. Four Seasons for 12 musicians & narrator , PNME cond. Kevin Noe


  6. "Esquisses nostalgiques" for wind quintet and duduk/zurna   (quintet a vent de Marseille)


  7. "Light-drop peals" for clarinet and viola /Andy Miles, Maxim Novikov/


  8. Winter Moon from "Snow Cantata" for mix choir


  9. Trio #3 for piano, violin, cello "Moon-rise over the Jerusalem" /Trio Tanassov, France/


  10. "Surgite Gloriae" Viola concerto with duduk, diskantus, baritone, Fr. horn, bell and strings /Yuri Bashmet, Moscow Soloists.../


  11. "con-cor-dance" 2nd violin Concerto /Movses Pogossian & Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. E. Topchjan/


  12. "Everlasting life" four-language cantata for choir and piano quintet


  13. "My Lofty Moon" for ATLAS ensemble /Amsterdam Muziek gebouw, cond. ed Spanjaard/


  14. "Psalm 51" for tenor and string quartet /SDG commission/


  15. "Paintings to be drown" Trio for saxophone, cello and piano /Deborah Moriarty, James Forger, Suren Bagratuni/


  16.   "On wings of the hymnal" for 2 cellos with singing parts


  17.  Stanza for solo harp /Valentina Borisova, animation by Kevork Mourad/


  18.  Cello-dance for solo cello /Mario Brunello/


  19. "Adumbrations of the Peacock" fro piano quartet /excerpt. AHCP/

Sharafyan - Surgite Gloriae