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1. Sharafyan : "KING ABGAR"  15 soloists, mix choir,  symphony orchestra, 2 Acts, 7 scenes; dur. 2 hours; 2010

/libretto - Gurgen Khandjyan, Artashes Aram, Vigen Chaldranyan/

/with support of VIVACell-MTS

general manager Mr. Ralph Yirikian/


1. Sharafyan :  "The Another Moon"  (ballet of sacred gestures) for orchestra (1,2,1,1  - 4,2,  - percussion _4 , harp, piano, descant, strings- 5,5,4,3,3); duration 60 minutes; 2013 (written in Armenia and Bogliasco, Italy) /scenario by Gevorg Vardanyan/

2. Sharafyan "Ancient Gods" ballet in 2 acts, duration 85 min. Scenario by Hakob Movses based on "Ancient Gods" by Levon Shant.

(3,3,3,2  4,3,2,1 percussion, strings), 2018.

 to Katia and Vardui Kusherians.


1. Sharafyan:  SINFONIA no.2 Un Poco CONCERTANTE

(symphony orchestra: 2,2,2,2; 2,2,2; percussion, harp, duduk(prerecorded or life), strings, 2008; duration 24 min. (commissined by Boston Modern Orchestra Project)


2. Sharafyan: Concerto-grosso for orchestra (2 Pianos,4 violins,2 violas,2 v-cellos,C-basso);  /2002/; 16min.

3.        Sharafyan: Concerto for string orchestra  (9 violins,3 altos,3 cellos , c-basso), /1992/; 12,30min.

4        Sharafyan: Khostovank for chamber orchestra/1991/  /Flute, Oboe, Horn F, Percussion/1/, Piano, Violins 9 ,Violas 3,V-cellos 3, C-basso 1; 14min.

5.        Sharafyan: Symphony for full symphony orchestra /1990/;  17,30min.

6.        Sharafyan: Poem for string orchestra/1987/   9 violins, 3 altos ,2 Cellos ,1 C-basso/;   15,20min.

7.     Firework for the symphony orchestra (2,2,2,2  4,2,3, Tuba,  Timpani,percussion -3 players. harp, piano, strings) 10 min., to Eduard Topchjan; written for the 90 years anniversary of APO, 25 years of independence anouncement of RA, commissioned by APO and Ministry of culture of RA, 2016



18.  Serenade for duduk and strings 2017, 9 min.

17. Chansons de Vent for 4 duduks and orchestra (strings, percussion) 2017, 15 min.

 16. Sharafyan Triple Concerto for piano, violin, cello and orchestra (flute, oboe, clarinet,  Trumpet Bb 1, Timpani, percussion -1, Violin 1, 2, viola, cello, c-bass), 30 min., 2016, commissioned by Nobilis Trio

15. Sharafyan : Concerto # 2 for Cello and orchestra (clarinet Bb, bass clarinet, percussion -3, harp, piano, strings), dedicated to Suren Bagratuni, duration 28 min., 2013.

14. Sharafyan : "duduk & violin" with string orchestra, commissioned by Maria Safaryants, 20 min. 2013

13.  Sharafyan : Partita for Violin and orchestra (Aria with overflying bird, Passacaglia, Fantasie un poco Sarabande, Cadenza (solo), Tutti), dedicated to Anne Akiko Meyers; 2012, 17 min.  

12. Sharafyan: BURLESCA for violin and string orchestra (also piano reduction); dur.7 min. 2009 (for Polina Sharafyan)

11.         Sharafyan : Suite for cello & orchestra (oboe, strings)   23 min. (released on BIS records 2011; Al. Chaushian , Serenade Chamber Orchestra , cond. E. Topchjan)

10.         Sharafyan:  SUITE for Viola and orchestra (oboe, strings); 1) Mattinata, 2) Waltz-Chaccone, 3) Sarabande-Courante, 4) Postero Die. dedicated to Yuri Bashmet, dur 23 min. 2009

9.         Sharafyan:  LUMINOUS SILHOUETTE of the song for clarinet Bb with orchestra (flute 2, oboe 2, Fr. horn 2, trumpet 1, percussion (2), harp, solo clarinet,  vln1, vln2, viole, cello, c-bassi; 11`min, 2008 (commissioned by CDMC, France, publisher Editions BIM, Switzerland)

8.          Sharafyan:  "CON-COR-D-A-NCE"Concerto for Violin and chamber symhony orchestra (flute, oboe, bassoon, Fr. horn 1,2, trumpet Bb 1, percussion 1, harp, vln.1, vln.2, violas, celli, c-bassi; 27 minutes; 2008

7.          Sharafyan:  Concerto "Surgite Gloriae"  for solo Viola, duduk, bell, baritone, discantus and string  orchestra; dedicated  to Yuri Bashmet; ~20 min.;  premiered on Sept 4 2007 in Elba Isola (Italy)

6.         Sharafyan:  Eleven Arrangements and Transcriptions of the Folk Tunes by Komitas for duduk, (dhol-drum) & string orchestra; 2006; 30 min

5.         Sharafyan:  Concerto for violoncello and orchestra (chamber and symphony orchestra versions), dedicated to Suren Bagratuni,  2004; 23’min. premiered on November 19, 2005 Michigan, USA

4.         Sharafyan:    Concerto for tenor saxophone and full symphony orchestra.  /dedicated to James Houlik/ 2003; 18‘ min. prem. on March 19, 2005, Mansfield symphony, (OH)

3.     Sharafyan:   The Morning Scent of the Acacia's Song  (orchestral version) for duduk, voce/soprano, offstage/ & string orchestra./ 2003/; ~17 min. prem. September 2004, Carnegie Zankel Hall (publisher G. Schirmer)

2.     Sharafyan:  Concerto-sonata for alto saxophone, piano and string orchestra./2000/;16 min. prem. in 2005; dedicated to John Sampen and Marilyn Shrude

1.      Sharafyan:   Concertoserenata for violin and string orchestra /1998/; 18,15min. prem in 1999, Movses Pogossian(vln), Serenade orchestra, E.Topchyan(cond), American premiere in 2000 with Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, cond. Robin Fountain



 1.  Sharafyan:  CANTICUM DOLOROSUM & CANTICUM PACIFICUM for soprano, mix choir & orchestra (trumpet Bb, bass drum, piano & strings) (written in Civitella Ranieri Castle, Italy); duration~ 20 minutes; 2006-2009


2. Sharafyan:  LACRYMOSA for solo cello, descant, soprano, mix choir & symphony orchestra (2,2,2,2,  4,2,2, percussion-2, harp, archi); written for the movie "MAESTRO" (producer Vigen Chaldranyan) , premiered by APO and Hover choir cond. E.Topchyan, S. Hovhannissyan; duration 10 min., 2008

3. Sharafyan : "ANDASTAN" Cantata for children choir & ensemble /clarinet, duduk, percussion, piano, string quartet, /2015/ , in commemoration of the 100 years of the Armenian Genocide in 1915, texts- Kyrie Eleison, Komitas "to the Crucified", Daniel Varuzhan "Andastan"/blessing of the 4 corners of the world/,    18 min. commissioned by George Pehlivanian, version of the same with symphony orchestra

4. Sharafyan : Cantata "Everlasting life" for mix choir, piano and string quartet, in commemoration of the 100 years of the Armenian Genocide in 1915, 2015, 24 min., 5 movements - Adam /Hebrew, Book of Genesis/, Lacrymae, Yunus /Turkish, Yunus Emre/ , Maqam / Arabic,.../, Pray /Armenian, text by Komitas/,  commissioned by the SION Festival, Switzerland

5. "Requiem for the Desert" for mezzo soprano, soprano (or diskantus), choir (S,A,T) and orchestra (2 oboe, 2 Fr. Horn F, percussion 2, piano, strings), texts - requeim aeternam, "libretto for the desert" excerpts Sona Van, 2017, 27 min.  recorded in 2018



68. The Sound of Stone 15 movements cycle for different casts including piano, percussion, soprano, mezzo, alto, cello, duduk. dur. 70 min. commissioned by The Metropolitan Museum of Arts , 2018

67. Silent White for solo piano , 6 min. 2015 , dedicated to Svetlana Navasardyan

66.Cellostasia for solo Cello 7 min., 2017

65. Cello-tears for solo Cello. 7 min., 2017

64. Concerto-Grosso "Fire-bird" for clarinet, violin, viola, cello, harpsichord /or piano/ 20 min, 2015. 


63. Dialogues with Komitas for soprano, flute, clarinet, duduk/zurna, percussion, guitar, violin, cello. (includes Sharafyans arrangements of Komitas dances, songs, sacred music as well as original compositions by Vache Sharafyan, duration 50 min.) Recorded on Deutsche Gramophone, 2014

62. Divertissement for string quintet (2 violins, viola, cello, c-bass), 25 min,  commissioned by Dilijan chamber Music series, 2014 (World premiere played in Nov 2014, Zipper Hall, Los Angeles)


61. "Two Translations" for flute, clarinet,  violin, cello, piano, commissioned by the Festival delle Nazioni, 2014. 18 min. (prem. August 2014 Sansepolcro, Italy)


60.  Drawing in Air for solo flute  (9 min) 2014 (prem. in August 2014, Italy )


59. Cello-Dance for solo cello, 9 min, dedicated to Mario Brunello, 2014, prem. in Citta di Castello, Italy Sept 4 2014. 


58. "3 Pictures to be drawn" for alto saxophone, cello and piano,  7 min. com. S. Bagratuni, 2013


57. "Goats in the Fog" for soprano saxophone and alto saxophone , commissioned by John Sampen, 10 min. 2013


56. Cello-breath" for solo cello, 6 min. com. by Suren Bagratuni, 2013.

55. TRIO # 3 "Moon over the Jerusalem" for piano, violin & cello (2013); 19 min., commissioned by Trio Atanassov 

54. Madrigale for alto saxophone , 8 minutes /2013/; commissioned by James Umble 

53. "Gem-Rose" for soprano, cello and pre-recorded track, to Marta Bagratuni; /7 min./ 2013 

52.   "Eyes color of the sea" for soprano and cello /7 min/ 2013 

 51. CONTINUATIONS  four movements for piano trio (14 min) , for SIMA Trio (NY). 2012


   50. 4 Arrangements of Komitas pieces for piano trio, 2012 

     49.  PARTITA for violin and piano (duration 17` min), dedicated to Anne Akiko Meyers; commissioned by Anne Akiko Meyers; 2012 

    48. "Between the dream & awake" for alto saxophone & cello, 8 min.   commissioned by Suren Bagratuni & James Forger, 2012   

    47. "Path towards this moment" for viola and organ ; 7 min.  2012 (premiered by Maxim Novikov and Jevgenia Lisitsina in Riga Dome in 2012) 

      46. Once in a Beautiful Meadow for ensemble ZERAFIN (panflute, duduk, qanun, percussion, mezzo-sprano, erhu, viola d' gamba, contabass), commissioned by ZERAFIN (Amsterdam) 15 min. 2011

       45. "Bridge music" for duduk, soprano domra, alto domra, bass balalaika, bayan; writen for Terem quartet; 8 min., 2011 


       44.  On wings of hymnal n. 5 "Look lovingly mercyful Father" for 3 violins; 3 min. (also version for 3 cellos) 2011


       43. Psalm n. 51 "Have mercy on me, O, God" for tenor and string quartet; 8 min., commissioned by Soli Deo Gloria, Psalm Project , 2011


       42. Sharafyan: "don't ask me" arr. for duduk, violin & string quartet; 5 min, 2011


         41. Sharafyan : " Esquisses nostalgiques" for wind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, Fr. horn) + duduk/zurna, commissioned by Quintette a vent Marseille, 24 min, 2011


        40. Sharafyan: "opus brevis" for soprano saxophone 4`min. for Nicolas Prost  2010


        39. Sharafyan : "Night-garden music" for violin & cello, (1. dream with awakening, 2.nighttime illuminations) 11min. to Movses Pogossian and Rohan de Saram; 2010


        38. Sharafyan: STANZA for solo harp, 6` min., dedicated to Valentina Borisova, 2010


        37. Sharafyan: "VERSES" (Haiku, Ode, Hayren) for violin & vibraphone; commissioned by Kuniko Kato; 19 min. 2009


        36. Sharafyan: Sonata-Fantasy for viola and piano, 20 min. 2009 (to Maxim Novikov)


        35. Sharafyan: Vi-O -La no. 2 for solo viola. ded. to Maxim Novikov; 14 min.  2009


       34. Sharafyan: "light-drop peals" for soprano & viola, by poetry of Basho, (6 movements), 2009; 20` min. (commissioned by Maxim Novikov)  clarinet-viola version premiered in 2012 in Berlin by Andy Miles and Maxim Novikov and recorded in 2013


        33. Sharafyan:  Suite for viola and piano (reduction) ; (ded. to Yuri Bashmet), 2009


        32.Sharafyan:  "Vi-O-La" for solo viola ("Vita, Origo Laudis"),10 min. 2009; (ded. to Maxim Novikov)


        31.   Sharafyan:   Luminous Silhouette of a song” for clarinet Bb & piano (reduction) (2008)commissioned by CDMC, France, publisher Editions BIM Switzerland) 11min.


   30.     Sharafyan:   QUINTETTO QUASSI CONCERTO PER PIANOFORTE E ARCHI (violin1, violin2, viola &cello);20 min.; commissioned for the Dilijan Chamber Music Series, 2006; written in Civitella Ranieri Castle, Italy  (20 min)

 29.  Sharafyan:  "My Lofty Moon" for duduk/zurna/, qanun, sho, sheng, percussion (1), flute, clarinet, harp, violin, viola, cello &c-bass; 10 min.; 2006; to be premiered by Atlas Ensemble in Amsterdam Muziekgebouw January 23, 2007

 28. Sharafyan:  Another Tale for solo piano ; written for Sofia Sharafyan; 3 min.

27.   Sharafyan:      Seventeen Arrangements of the Folk Tunes and Transcriptions of Komitas pieces for duduk, (dhol-drum) & string quartet; 2006; 48 min.

 26.    Sharafyan:     Offertorium for solo Clarinet(Bb), flute, trumpet (Bb), percussion (1), piano, violin, cello, c-bass; 10` min. 2006 

25.  Sharafyan:     Canticum Gratiosum for baritone, flute, clarinet (Bb), trumpet (Bb), percussion (1), piano, violin, cello, c-bass; 2005; 12’min; (commissioned by MATA Festival to be premiered on October 1 in St. Peters’ church in New York)

24.   Sharafyan:      Offertorium for clarinet Bb & piano, 2005; 9’ min; (commissioned by Todd Brunnel and Ara Sarkissian) 

23.   Sharafyan:      Serenade With a Dandelion for two violins, 2005; 10’ min. (dedicated to Varty Manouelian & Movses Pogossian) 

22.     Sharafyan:   On Wings of the Hymnal #1 for cello and piano, 2005; 10 min. (dedicated to Suren Bagratuni), 

21.   Sharafyan:      On Wings of the Hymnal #2 for cello and piano, 2005; 7 min. (dedicated to Suren Bagratuni), 

20.     Sharafyan:    Blooming sounds for solo violin, 2004; 9’min. (Commissioned my AGBU; dedicated to M.Pogossian) 

19.     Sharafyan:  Voices of the invisible blue butterflies for piano, 2004; 7’ min. 

18.     Sharafyan:  Adumbrations of the Peacock for piano quartet /violin, viola, v-cello & piano/2003; ~14 min. (Written for the “Apple Hill Chamber Music Players”). To be premiered on September 28 in Philadelphia, USA 

17. Sharafyan:     Piano Trio N2 The Dream of Dreams (for violin, cello and piano) 2003. 17 min.  /commissioned by the Baird trio/ premiered in Carnegie Hall on April 9, 2004. 

16.   Sharafyan:  Ascending Kemancha for doudook/zurna/, V-cello, Piano. 2002; 14 min. Dedicated to Yo-Yo Ma. Prem. 2002 Yerevan, US prem. 2004, Dortmouth, Hungary premiere in 2005 with cellist Csaba Onczay  

15.    Sharafyan:  Ancient Anthem for Soprano and Violin 2002; 7’min. prem. in 2003, Tony Arnold, Movses Pogossian, Buffalo (NY) 

14.    Sharafyan:  The Morning Scent of the Acacia's Song for doodouk and string quartet, commissioned for Yo-Yo Ma's the Silk Road Project Inc. /2001/ 16min. Publisher - G. Schirmer; prem. in 2002, Cologne Philharmonics (Germany). 

13.     Sharafyan:  By Kouchak for voce, flute, clarinet and piano. /2001/ 6min. 

12.      Sharafyan: The Four Seasons for 12 musicians/4 soloists/ and narrator /2001/./commissioned by PNME. (Flute, alto saxophone, percussion/3/, piano, soprano, violin 1,violin 2, viola, violoncello, c-basso, reader.) 35' min;  prem. in 2002 , PNME, cond. Kevin Noe, Pittsburgh (US) 

11.     Sharafyan:   Piano Trio N1 for violin, violoncello and piano. /2000/ commissioned  for Pittsburgh  Trio; 15,10min. 

10.    Sharafyan:   Sonata for alto saxophone and piano /2000/. commissioned by John Sampen; 15,30 min; prem. 2004 ,Toledo Great Museum, (US)  

9.   Sharafyan:    To Autumnal Leaves and to Stars for alto saxophone, violin, violoncello, percussion and piano. /1999/; 8min.(later included in The Four Seasons) 

8.   Sharafyan:     Two Devotions for Tar, Kyamancha, Dhol, Tam-Tam, Piano and string quartet. /1999/ ; 25min. 

7.    Sharafyan:   The Eclipse for alto saxophone, violin and piano. /1999/; 14,10min. Prem. in 1999; Bowling Green (OH) 

6.    Sharafyan:   Sonata No2 for violin and piano /1998/ ;    12 min. Prem in 1998; Bowling Green New Music and Art Festival; M.Pogossian, V. Sharafyan 

5.    Sharafyan:  The Sun, the Wine and the Wind of Time for doodouk, violin, violoncello and piano /1998/; 16,5min. 

4.      Sharafyan:  Five songs for soprano and piano by Metsarents/1993/; 15,20min. 

3.      Sharafyan:  Sonata No1 for violin and piano /1997/; 11,30min. 

2.       Sharafyan: String quartet   /1997/ ; 19,20min.

1.      Sharafyan:  Heralding Dawn Music for 15 instruments /1990/ /Flute, Oboe, Clarinet in Bb, Fagot, Horn in F, Trumpet Bb, Trombone, Percussion/2/, Piano, Violin1, Violin2, Viola, V-cello, C-basso/ ;  11min.



1.       SNOW CANTATA for mix choir (baritone, organ, not compulsory crotales); texts by Vanetsi, Metsarents, Komitas, Shiraz, Myoe, Dogen; dur. 40 min. 2011

2. Sharafyan: Tsov Kentsaghuis (“The Sea of Daily Life Troubling Me”), by sharakan of St.Mesrop Mashtots (Vth Century)

     For Counter-Tenor, Tenor, Baritone, Bass (or mixed choir) and three doudooks / 2003/ ~5min.

3.    Sharafyan:     Ter vor i mej lerinn for mix choir a capella by sharakan of St. M. Mashtots (Vth Century)  /1996/ 5,15min.

4. Sharafyan: Waterfall Music for mix choir a'capella or with viola, (text by Matsuo Basho); 2011; 6 min

5. Sharafyan : "Ne" /She/ for mix choir, 5 min. text by Petros Durian,  dedicated to Sona Hovhannisyan,  2015

6. Sharafyan : STABAT MATER for soprano (mezzo) and male choir, commissioned by the Estonian National Male Choir, cond. Mikk Uleoja. 18 min. 2017

7  Music for the theater "Pepo" (Sundukian State Theater commission, prod. Armen Elbakyan) 14 movements, Choir, Ensemble., dur. 40 min. 

8. Sharafyan "Aubade" for mix choir, based on poem by William Shakespeare, 4 min. 2018


1.     Sharafyan:    The Sun ,the Wine and the Wind of Time for doodouk, violin, violoncello and piano /1998/; 16,5min.

2.     Sharafyan:    Two Devotions for Tar, Kemanche, Dhol, Tam-Tam, Piano and string quartet./1999/ ; 25min.

3.     Sharafyan:    The Morning Scent of the Acacia's Song  (orchestral version) for doudook, voce/soprano/ & string orchestra./2001- 2003/; ~17 min.

               Publisher - G. Schirmer

4.    Sharafyan:     The Morning Scent of the Acacia's Song for doodouk and string quartet, commissioned for Yo-Yo Ma's the Silk Road Project Inc. /2001/;~ 16min. Publisher - G. Schirmer


5.         Sharafyan:  Ascending Kyamancha for doudook/zurna/,V-cello,Piano. /2002/ 14min. Dedicated to Yo-Yo Ma.

6.         Sharafyan: Eleven Arrangements and Transcriptions of the Folk Tunes by Komitas for duduk, (dhol-drum) & string orchestra; 2006; 30 min.

7.         Sharafyan: "My Lofty Moon" for duduk/zurna/, qanun, sho, sheng, percussion (1), flute, clarinet, harp, violin, viola, cello &c-bass; 10 min.; 2006; to be premiered by Atlas Ensemble in Amsterdam Muzik gebouw January 23, 2007

8.         Sharafyan:  Tsov Kentsaghuis (“The Sea of Daily Life Troubling Me”) by sharakan of St.Mesrop Mashtots (Vth Century) for Counter-Tenor, Tenor, Baritone, Bass (or mixed choir) and three doudooks / 2003/ ~5min.

see also "soloists with orchestra" no.2



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