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CD "In Search of the Miraculous" (LCMS, Ireland) with two my hymns sang by Hilliard Ensemble (2. Lord, who makes the spring run... 7. The sea of our life...)

On The Fortieth Day”, TRADCROSS label (2001). With 3 pieces of Vache Sharafyan:

1.” The Sun, the Wine and the Wind of Time” for duduk, violin, cello and piano. 2. Devotion no.1 for tar, dhol, piano and string quartet. 3. Devotion no.2 for kemancha, dhol, tam-tam and string quartet




 "BLOOMING SOUNDS" Movses Pogossian (violin) ; Albany Records


Thoughts and Dreams with Vache Sharafyans'
Piano Trio No. 2 "Dream of Dreams"; ALBANY Records;
Baird Trio (Movses Pogossian, violin, Stephen Manes, piano, Jonathan Golove, cello)



Vache SHARAFYAN: Suite for cello and orchestra (in 4 movements; 1. Mattinata, 2. Waltz, 3. Sarabande-Courante, 4. Postero die. total duration 22`24 min.
performers : Alexander Chaushian and Serenade Chamber Orchestra, cond. Eduard Topchjan;     CD released on BIS records in 2011

Suite has version for solo Viola dedicated to Yuri Bashmet 

Sharafyan: Crane "KRUNK" for cello, duduk and piano , 6 min. (based on the Armenian song written by KOMITAS) ; performrs: Chaushian, Hovhannissyan, Sharafyan 


Lost Songs from Eden with V. Sharafyans' "folk arrangements and transcriptions by Komitas for duduk and string quartet",
G. Dabaghyan and Komitas quartet; Traditional Crossroads label;