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              Resent Commissions and Premiers

·         MATA 2005 Commissioning Program; September 22 - October 1; “Canticum Gratiosum prem. in October 1,2005; New York   

·           Adumbrations of the Peacock for piano quartet; prem. on September 30, 2005 in Washington by Apple Hill Chamber Music Players; Armenian premiere Oct. 22 Festival "Perspectives XXI"

·          Serenade with a Dandelion for two violins premiered on September 25, 2005; Los Angeles, USA

·           Concerto grosso for 4 vlns, 2 violas, 2 cellos, c-basso & two pianos; premiered on July 8; Baroque music festival in Yerevan

·          Concerto for tenor saxophone, ded. to James Houlik; premiered on March 19 (and 20) 2005 with Mansfield Symphony, OH

·          Sonata-concerto for alt saxophone, piano and strings, John Sampen (saxophone), March 8, 2005, Oregon, USA

·          On Wings of the Hymnal #1,2 for cello and piano; premiered on April 3/2005 in Boston; by S. Bagratuni and S. Prutsman 

·          Blooming sounds for solo violin, ded. to M.Pogossian, commissioned by AGBU, to be premiered and recorded in 2005, USA

·          Particiapation in Transcaucacian Festival of Modern Music in Georgia, March, 2005

·          Voices of the invisible blue butterflies for piano; premiered on May 6, 2005, Boston

·          Participation in Mini Festival Budapest, January 2005, Hungary

·          Morning Scent of the Acacia’s Song (orch. vers.) for duduk, soprano & str. orchestra, prem. 9/2004, Carnegie, Zankel Hall

·          Sonata for alt saxophone and piano; com. by J. Sampen; prem. in 10/2004 by John Sampen and M. Shrude,Toledo Great Museum,USA

·          Residence-lecture-concert program in Dartmouth College (USA),topics:Armenian folk music, modern mus., sacred mus.,04/2004.

·          Piano Trio #2 Dream of Dreams, commissioned by the Baird Trio; premiere, Carnegie Hall, 09. 04/2004

·          Ascending Kyamancha, for duduk(zurna), cello, piano, dedicated to Yo-Yo Ma, premiere 02/2004, US premiere in April ,2004,

·          Ancient Anthem for Soprano and Violin, comm. by SUNY Buffalo, prem. 30. 10/2003; T. Arnold, M.Pogossian.Baird Recital Hall,Buffalo

·          The Sea of This Life for vocal quartet (or mix. Chorus) & 3 duduks, premiere 10/2003

·          Four Seasons, for 12 musicians and narrator, com. by Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble; premiere 03. 08/2002

·          Morning Scent of the Acacia’s Song for duduk and str.quartet, com. by Yo-Yo Ma & SRP, premiere 02/2002, Brussels Philharmony

·          The Sun, the Wine & the Wind of Time for duduk,vln.,cello & piano, prem. 01/2002,Concertgebow, Amsterdam, Yo-Yo Ma SR Ensemble

·          Eclipse for alto saxophone, violin and piano; com. by Bowling Green State University; premiere 10/1999

·          Concertoserenata for violin and string orchestra, dedicated to M. Pogossian, premiere 09/1999, Armenia, in 2000 in USA

·          Piano Trio #1, commissioned by Pittsburgh Piano Trio, premiere 10/1999

·          Sonata #2 for violin and piano, com. by Movses Pogossian (violin), premiere 10/1998, Bowling Green (OH), USA